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The majority of chrome trim in 60’s-80’s automotive interior was achieved by vacuum metalized plastics. Over time the finish gets worn or deteriorates.

If you want to restore your OEM dash board, instrument cluster bezels, center consoles, arm rests, HVAC vents, etc then you have come to the right place.  All of our vacuum metalizing is done by our partner, Mueller Corporation. Mueller Corp. has been in business since 1955 and boasts over 20 years experience in vacuum metalized chrome plating.

At one time, their doors were open to a number of restoration shops around the country but they found that the quality of the stripping and preparation process was not consistent. Instrument Specialties, Inc. have since entered into an exclusive partnership with Mueller Corporation

We can totally restore & re-plate your plastic dash bezels to show quality.  The bezels are first stripped of all old chrome & paint using our proprietary process. Our process does not alter or harm the plastic in any way. We then make any repairs and surface prep the parts for plating. They are then sterilized, basecoated and vacuum metalized. After plating, they are top coated. Final steps are masking and detail painting to factory original specifications, resulting in a 100% show quality final product second to none.
With the majority of the smaller shops ceasing this type of work and with our exclusive partnership with Mueller Corp. Collectively, we are now proud to be known as the largest Interior Chrome Restoration shop in the US and possibly the world. Thank you for your business.